Heinchon's Dairy Bottle Collection

The Heinchon Dairy was started by Daniel Heinchon in 1923 in Pawling, NY. Deliveries were made on foot and by horse and wagon. This is a photo of the sign at the Heinchon's Old Farmhouse & Ice Cream Parlor as it exists today in Pawling.

NY State Legislature Marks 80th Anniversary of Heinchon Dairy


The bottle below is fairly new to my collection. It is a quart, but is square, not the usual round. Also, the back of the bottle says: Milk is Nature's Most Perfect Food - Fresh From Farm to You". The box on the right is a galvanized tin insulated box that is embossed "HEINCHON DAIRY".


This foil Milk Bottle Cap from a bottle of Heinchon Dairy milk was found near Pawling NY and sent to me by Jim Johnson.

As you can see, the cap is not in good condition, but you can definitely see that it says:

"Homogenized Vitamin D, Grade A, Pasturized Milk - Heinchon Dairy, Pawling, NY

In 1940, the dairy was moved to where it is today on East Main Street, and it also operates the Heinchon's Old Farmhouse & Ice Cream Parlor on Route 22. Currently, the Heinchon Dairy is a distributor for Marcus Dairy in Danbury, Connecticut.

The Collection  One of Each   The Quart Bottle
 Half Pints  Better of 1/2 Pints Bottle Family!

 How do you Top Milk Bottles?
Cottage Cheese

The above images are from my collection of Heinchon Dairy memorabilia, which now includes bottles, a bottle cap, Cottage Cheese Lids, and an insulated tin box that the milkman put the milk in to keep cold. I hope you enjoy this. If you have any questions, e-mail me.

I am buying Heinchon's Dairy milk bottles. E-mail me if you have one to sell!